At eighteen months old I sent my granddaughter Isabelle to Rafles day nursery for one day a week, from the very first day she loved it.As her grandparents we are at present, we are full-time carers of Isabelle. She is not without problems having being diagnosed with special needs, poor eyesight, and global delay.

Six months later and attending most days of the week we have a happy, balanced little girl who’s the first word every morning is ‘car’. She says ‘car’ because she cannot wait to go to the nursery where the staff is all attentive, caring and kind as well as very professional and the day is full of lots of fun both indoors and outside on the playground or the surrounding fields. The atmosphere at the nursery is always happy, and the staff will always run you through your child’s day, so you have a clear picture of daily events. Due to our circumstances we are continually changing Isabelle’s timetable and at all times the nursery has accommodated our erratic schedule.

Dawn, the cook, prepares and serves the most delicious home cooked food to all the children, so on a full day, I don’t have to feed Isabelle any other food this is also a bonus. Our biggest problem at the moment is Saturday morning when the nursery is closed as Isabelle will hang on the front door with her coat on stamping her feet and demanding that we take her to the nursery. This say’s it all really, and I am only sorry that Rafles is not open for seven days a week as it is of great benefit to parents and children alike.
I could go on and on praising the benefits of Rafles because the best thing we did for our granddaughter was sending her there. With regards to her educational problems the staff is making every effort to help Isabelle achieve the highest possible goals within her capabilities and improvements are being noticed daily.